25 October 2020

Green company and well-being: how to fight office sickness by surrounding yourself with greenery

Sharing everyday life with plants is much more than a form of aesthetic satisfaction: it is the true secret for a lively and engaging ecosystem, made up of stimuli, relationships and in harmony with the body, the mind.

Flowers and plants are ornamental elements much sought after by interior design enthusiasts - and in general by gardening lovers - for their unquestionable aesthetic value.

However, there are countless other advantages deriving from their presence in the office, ranging from the ability to purify the air to the positive influence on moods and on concentration.

With a bit of provocation, it can be said that the impact of the plant kingdom on human beings is inversely proportional to that of the latter on the environment which surrounds them.

Let's try to summarise a few of the main benefits of a workplace surrounded by greenery, going beyond the story of the values of a company devoted to eco-sustainability to show, concretely, one of the green habits designed to improve professional routine.

Quality of life has always owed much to nature

Have you ever wondered how much time we spend within four walls, be it in the office, at home or in any other enclosed place that we usually frequent? According to WHO, in Europe, about 90% of our life.

This is why making work spaces liveable and pleasurable becomes a primary necessity, to be met by safeguarding the well-being and serenity of workers. A way, in essence, to rebalance energies, stimulate senses and reconnect human beings with the contact with nature in which our ancestors were immersed.

It is proven: a green office awakens proactivity inspiration

Many academic teams have come up with official feedback in this regard.

A research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology of the American Psychological Association and conducted in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands by the Universities of Cardiff, Exeter and Groningen has linked, net of all the commercial activities analysed, the introduction of the green element with an average increase of 15% in productivity.

The theory was then confirmed by Harvard University, according to which improvements in interior spaces reduce stress and double the concentration and cognitive performance of those who occupy them. 

Positive effects of plants on health

At this point you will be curious to know about all the benefits we are talking about.

First of all, plants are able to cushion environmental vibrations, clean the air of polluting agents and increase the amount of oxygen in the room. These powers prevent respiratory syndromes and protect from allergies, especially in the cases of rooms populated by uncomfortable inhabitants responsible for noxious fumes, such as glues and paints.

Plants do a lot: the experience in OWAY and the constant search for the best furnishing solutions (for efficiency and benefits) has led us to choose natural resins for paints and furnishings in certified wood, as well as colours, lights and natural, warm and relaxing materials for our spaces... but this is another matter (which we intend to speak about soon). Because inspiration is the engine of many winning and conscious choices.

But let's get back to us: another not inconsiderable advantage of greenery is night rest, favoured by the rediscovered serenity which coexistence with plants can give.

Our daily green dimension

In Oway the elements of nature permeate all manufacturing aspects: from biodynamic cultivation in Ortofficina to the development of green chemistry formulas in our labs, from the choice of glass and aluminium packaging, 100% recyclable in order to reduce the environmental impact to the creation of wooden furniture and instruments manufactured locally at Artigiano.

What the company offers, however, is the reflection of what it lives.

That's why all our offices have green corners and desk plants (entrusted to the care of their respective workers) and the external areas are today a large park full of centuries-old olive trees, forgotten fruit trees and Italian officinal herbs, ideal for living the company and enriching one’s experiential sphere.

Spending quality time, surrounded by a comfortable, gratifying and above all enticing landscape, is the goal of our ideal small great microcosm, designed to share breaks, optimise encounters and invigorate meetings and brainstorming of all kinds.

Green living, for OWAY, means recharging endlessly!


Greenwashing: the “feigned environmentalism” that we surely do not need

Proclaiming oneself as eco-friendly and certifying this on the label is the new frontier of misrepresenting zero-impact procedures. A riot of green leaves, a shower of “organic or bio", "green" and "natural" stamps that confuse, obscure and cover up reality. Here's how to recognise the deception and stem the consequences.

Superfluous packaging: the packaging avalanche pouring into the waste bin

In the aftermath of the Holidays, we know for sure that the most received gifts were parcels, external packaging, additional packaging and everything “necessary" to keep the contents intact. Overpackaging is the triumph of single use: an increasingly accentuated phenomenon which has reached senseless usage paradoxes.

Let’s not black out the future. It’s time to consume less and to do it better

Sales days like Black Friday produce a staggering waste of resources. They shape our perception of purchases, they push us to believe that we absolutely must buy, taking advantage of discounts right away, with devastating consequences on the environment. There is no time to change things: we must get back to conscious consumption – and we must do it now.

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