27 April 2021

Lab4hair Barcelona - Interview with David Pruneda

Becoming an Oway salon is a choice that expands your values, while respecting and promoting your identity. In the Oway beauty salons, professional hair stylists and personal care specialists demonstrate their skills and creativity through tailored, multisensory, healthy and high-performance wellness solutions.

Every experience is unique in itself and each one, for us, is a journey that merits being recounted.

The first part explores the cosmopolitan heart of Catalonia, Barcelona.

It is here, in the city of the famous Architect, Antonio Gaudì, looking out onto the Meditarranean, that Lab4hair was born: an authentic and beautiful plastic free temple of conscious well-being. 

Our speaker is David Pruneda, the heart and soul of the salon and the spokesman for circular agrocosmetic values in the Iberian territory.

Here he tells us a bit about his experience with Oway.


What does being an Oway salon mean to you and with which agrocosmetic principles do you most identify?

Being part of an Oway salon has made it possible for me to create a relaxing space where customers can come and live different sensory and holistic experiences, through which they can connect with nature. I would say that Agrocosmetics is a way of thinking, a lifestyle, a conscious choice for a better world in which the environment and people are respected, all things that form part of my professional and personal values.

What does this meeting mean for Lab4hair? Has anything changed in your work routine and the way in which you conceive the materials, tools, furnishings and décor of the salon?

LAB4HAIR is located in the heart of the Gràcia district in Barcelona.

It is known as one of the bohemian districts of the city, home to artists and artisan workshops. In this respect, finding a brand that was aligned with our values was amazing for us and also for our customers since they are very committed to the environment

Like us, they pay careful attention to the type of product they want to use, so it’s great that only paper, aluminium and glass are used for the agricosmetic packaging.

With regard to the aesthetics and interior design of our salon, our furnishings are made from metal, wood, stone, and plants and we also have a small patio at the back, which is a small urban oasis

In your opinion, which Oway treatment or product really stands out for your team of professionals and your customers in terms of performance and sensorial well-being? 

The truth is that it’s hard to pick only one, although we love the smooting cream, both for its versatility and the final results.

What added value does the broad possibility of tailoring treatments give to your team?

Do customers benefit from bespoke consulting and your focus on offering attentive and complete procedures?   

Tailored treatments are certainly something that differentiate us from other salons.

The welcome ritual is very typical of LAB4HAIR, where we talk at length with the customer in order to get a good idea of their needs. We believe it to be fundamentally important and they appreciate it.

In addition to helping them, a bond of trust is created between the stylist and the customer



Has your experience of using agrocosmetics in your salon resulted in any changes to your daily best practices?

What has changed in your lifestyle, your gestures and your attention to the environment?

I have been very aware of and worried about the enviornment for a long time now and so my lifestyle has not changed much in this regard.

However, it is amazing to have been able to incorporate this into a partnership with a brand that I trust and to work together with the same purpose. 

Training in Oway is important: it transmits the techniques used and the fashion inspirations that we formulate each day, aiming for maximum performance and respecting our values.

Have you ever attended any of our courses, either at one of our Academies or online?

We believe training to be key in continually updating and improving our professional skills and we have attended courses both at the Academy and online.


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