30 October 2020

Healthy Ageing: the longevity recipe to keep things on a light tone (without revolutionising) the passing time

Trying to obstruct age creeping up is a little like fighting against windmills. Skin is the book on which we note our experiences, our victories and, why not, our worst defeats. There is a natural, balanced, healthy and genuine way to look after it…. and it begins with acceptance.

Try to think of a world in which ageing is no longer a problem to be solved.

One in which maturity coincides with the normal evolution of the cycle of life and, why not, with the achievement of a desired wisdom built on unexpected awareness.

A dimension where leaving the world of thirty-year olds is no longer a taboo: a thorny expression which jars in the mouth of those saying it and annoys those who feel “victims”.

Done that? Ok. Now imagine a society capable of correcting the distorted narrative and perception of these seasons of life. A society capable of recognising the value of words and definitions and which leads off right from there in order to delete the rhetoric of anti-age from its vocabulary.

Because the real secret is to tackle passing time lightly: to see what we have learned, what obstacles we have overcome and what satisfaction we have gained in the lines of our faces.

And, what we have passionately experienced.

Taking our inspiration from what Anna Magnani said to her make-up artist whilst refusing pinpricks and heavy make-up: Leave all my wrinkles, don’t remove even one of them. It took me a lifetime to achieve them!”

A world made for baby boomers

Let’s get it over with straight away. For those who were wondering, a baby boomer is someone born between 1945 and 1965, that is to say during the strongest resumption period of demographic growth in Europe and in the United States: precisely the baby boom.

One of those who took their first uncertain steps during the Post-war period and had to shoulder the burden of the rubble on which to rebuild the long-prayed for rebirth.

And why are we talking about these people, and not leaving them to take a rest after so many civil, social and ideological battles? Simple. Because it’s the over 50s who are the mainstay of our time’s demographic cake. The largest slice, the main ingredient.

Yes indeed: the world is ageing.

To date, AD 2020, the percentage of over 55 is higher than that of over 5 children.

And in 2050, the over 50s will be approximately 3.2 billion globally: double compared with 2015.

This is pointed out, among others, by the founder and director of the MIT AgeLab (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), a multi-discipline research program which works with governments, companies and NPOs to improve the quality of life of the more mature population. 

Because longevity requires a new way of thinking. And because, where only 20-25% of ageing is caused by genes, the rest depends on the direction we want to give to our lifestyle.

oway beauty age better

Ageing well: the case of the Blue Zones

Heredity provides a great deal; this is beyond doubt. Genetic predisposition is an excellent ally to enjoy relaxed and healthy skin. But it’s not all.

What Mother Nature did not give us has an effect, but it’s not all: the surrounding environment and the habits we adopt also count.

Therefore, the first rule for blending our elixir of beauty is: to eliminate as many as possible of the root causes of stress and negativity. Irritability and bad thoughts produce free radicals which jeopardise the correct balance of the skin, in all its components.

There is a “bracket” of the world, a vast area parallel to and inclusive of the equator that has an extremely high percentage of centenarians, who decidedly enjoy good mental and physical conditions. This is the so-called blue zone and includes some blessed pockets: the Nicoya peninsula in Costa Rica, the Sardinian province of Nuoro in Italy, the island of Ikaria in Greece, the village of Loma Linda in California and Okinawa in Japan. Places which appear to have little, truly little, in common, but which, by digging deep, reveal the same preference for a secluded life, far from urban chaos.

And here is the secret of this longevity revealed: an over-stimuli detox diet. To which correct nutrition, restful sleep, regular physical activity and healthy, positive social relations must be added.

These are all factors which at skin level translate into energy, metabolism, capacity to cope with stress and good intercellular communication.

Mens sana in corpore sano… and in strong and glowing skin!

oway beauty age better

No-ageing, longevity, healthy ageing: cosmetics have moved beyond classic anti-age

Getting older doesn’t just mean sacrifices, but also and mainly more time and a greater attention towards self-care. A challenge that is primarily social and cultural, which requires a necessary change of mind-set.

And let’s say it: anti-ageing is a decidedly (and paradoxically)….aged expression! The term was invented by an advertiser during the 80s to sell products to women who were older than the usual buyers.

But promising rejuvenation miracles nowadays jars with the updated parameters of the worlds of fashion, beauty and personal care.

Whether it is healthy, lengthy or happy, a person’s life (irrespective of gender) revolves around one inevitable condition: ageing. A green light, therefore, in cosmetic marketing to all the expressions which exalt its potential. Seizing the signs of time as an opportunity to reawaken, consolidate and stimulate the care and well-being of our skin.

oway beauty age better

Age Better: to accompany the natural changes in our skin….. naturally

Instead of wasting time in opposing the effects of the years passing by – or in slowing these down with invasive and unnatural interventions – why not concentrate on the real needs of skin which undergoes changes both inside and outside ourselves?

Oway has chosen to talk the Age Better language with an agricosmetic menu based on precious and very pure super-active ingredients, which stimulate production of collagen and elastin, and which gratify the skin with delicate, wise and attentive gestures. Cleansing, the infusion of remineralising and soothing mixtures, the toning facial massage, the exfoliation and re-plumping and smoothing actions meet the requirements of mature skins and free women from the constraints of the years that go by.

Outside the beauty cubicle and for your daily beauty routine, the indispensable allies are the exclusive plant-based super-active complexes which fight wrinkles, firm, remodel and redefine the contours of the face.

As ageing is inevitable, we may as well give it our best: learning how to transform our baggage of experience in a concentrate of grace and beauty.


Greenwashing: the “feigned environmentalism” that we surely do not need

Proclaiming oneself as eco-friendly and certifying this on the label is the new frontier of misrepresenting zero-impact procedures. A riot of green leaves, a shower of “organic or bio", "green" and "natural" stamps that confuse, obscure and cover up reality. Here's how to recognise the deception and stem the consequences.

Superfluous packaging: the packaging avalanche pouring into the waste bin

In the aftermath of the Holidays, we know for sure that the most received gifts were parcels, external packaging, additional packaging and everything “necessary" to keep the contents intact. Overpackaging is the triumph of single use: an increasingly accentuated phenomenon which has reached senseless usage paradoxes.

Let’s not black out the future. It’s time to consume less and to do it better

Sales days like Black Friday produce a staggering waste of resources. They shape our perception of purchases, they push us to believe that we absolutely must buy, taking advantage of discounts right away, with devastating consequences on the environment. There is no time to change things: we must get back to conscious consumption – and we must do it now.

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