For a post-plastic world

Oway aims to SHIFT AWAY FROM SINGLE-USE PLASTICS and find options that enable, inspire, and encourage people to change their minds and habits.

GLASS AND ALUMINIUM ARE THE ESSENCE and the substance OF THE OWAY PROJECT, its distinctive elements, making the brand take a proactive stand on environmental issues. Primary and indispensable, THEY HAVE REPLACED unnecessary boxes, cases and SECONDARY PACKAGING, which users throw away as soon as they unbox their products.

Glass and aluminium are sustainable choices because they are 100% INFINITELY RECYCLABLE and are made up of SILICA AND BAUXITE, occurring in nature in large amounts. At the end of its lifecycle, glass is crushed back into SAND (instead of microplastics), preserving the ecosystem.



The collaboration between Oway and ARCHEOPLASTICA is a project to RAISE AWARENESS ABOUT THE SIGNIFICANT PRESENCE OF PLASTIC in our ECOSYSTEMS. It was launched to encourage reflection on using packaging with a high environmental impact at its end-of-life.

oway cosmoprof
oway cosmoprof

An immersive experience and a journey to discover incredible SEA STORIES featuring objects aged between thirty and sixty years. Dozens of testimonies FROM THE MOST UNTHINKABLE ORIGINS float in the open sea, breaking down into microplastics and poisoning the marine fauna.

The exhibition displays a SELECTION OF WASTE FOUND ON OUR COASTS, stranded for kilometres along the beaches. It denounces the use of plastic – an only partially recyclable material – and highlights a social and behavioural problem that has led to the overproduction and overconsumption of SINGLE-USE GOODS in recent decades.

archeoplastica x oway
archeoplastica x oway

Breaking single-use plastic habits means ditching the single-use mindset and investing in the future: reusing, giving new value to your objects and rethinking their destiny.



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