formato unico

A herb tea pot inclusive of a filter.

• Essential design, perfect point of fusion between the zen philosophy and the minimal style
• It makes it easy to leave the herbal tea in infusion
• To appreciate not only the taste of the beverage, but also the moments, gestures and sensations connected with its preparation
• It adapts to any type of environment
• Perfect for a peaceful break with friends
• Made of heat-resistant materials
• Together with AROMA MUGS, it creates a refined coordinated set


Fill with hot water, pour the desired amount of herbal blend into the glass filter, leave to infuse and serve.

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Nord Europa

  • Estonia
  • Danimarca
  • Finlandia
  • Lettonia
  • Lituania
  • Olanda
  • Svezia

Sud Europa

  • Spagna
  • Grecia
  • Italia
  • Malta
  • Portogallo

Ovest Europa

  • Belgio
  • Croazia
  • Repubblica Ceca
  • Germania
  • Francia
  • Irlanda
  • Lussemburgo
  • Austria
  • Regno Unito

Europa centrale e dell'est

  • Bulgaria
  • Ungheria
  • Polonia
  • Romania
  • Slovacchia
  • Slovenia


  • Stati Uniti

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