for a post-plastic world

This is a photo of our planet as it is today, seen through our eyes: what do you see?

Above ground, environmental indifference is in full bloom. Below ground, the ecosystems and their inhabitants have stopped breathing.

Observing the world around us helps us focus on the habits we want to leave behind, but most importantly, on what are we willing to do to minimise our impact on the environment.

Our journey and our CHOICES are an opportunity to make a difference.

At the beginning of Oway's journey, we asked ourselves: what can we do in order for our productions to have the least possible impact?

for a post plastic world oway

These are the answers we came up with:

To increase the quality and purity of our formulas, we chose to create an agricultural estate in the hills of Bologna where we implement the biodynamic method. This is the most respectful and clean approach to cultivation, and the only one that draws on the sun, oxygen, water, lunar phases, and natural compounds as 'ingredients' for plant development.

An agricultural approach that eliminates all synthetic substances and sees the estate as an autonomous and self-sufficient living organism.

ortofficina oway

Our agricosmetics contain highly concentrated botanical ingredients, cultivated according to organic and biodynamic methods.

Over time, thanks to constant research, we have managed to replace all chemical substances with plant-based equivalents, in addition to adding UPCYCLED raw materials: invaluable resources recovered from agri-food waste and used for their properties and effectiveness.

All our agricosmetics include essential oils: not only are they important active ingredients in the formulas, but they are also the only fragrances we use.

formule oway

We enclose our formulations, which are rich in plant-derived ingredients and actives, in glass and aluminium containers.

These natural materials derive from silica and bauxite, and we consider them a virtuous choice: because they are infinitely recyclable and because they protect, preserve, and keep the formula uncontaminated.

Resources drawn from the environment and that return to the environment without polluting or suffocating the planet.

packaging oway

All of Oway's choices are made to reduce single-use products in the salon and everyday life.

At our Artigiano creative and manufacturing hub, we produce collections of design objects made from 100% natural, recyclable, and recovered materials.

We champion natural resources, responsible production, and the recovery of raw materials through value-added re-use. And we adopt conscious habits to bring to life an example that can inspire others.

artigiano oway




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