Kit Sunway + bottle cooler


With 4 full-size products of your choice from the Sunway line, receive a bottle cooler as a complimentary gift.

Add 4 products of your choice to the cart from:

after-sun hair & body bath (240 ml)
after-sun hair mask (150 ml)
after-sun body balm (150 ml)
sunlight serum (100 ml)

Proceed with the purchase to receive a complimentary bottle cooler FRESCO.

With the kit, a terracotta bottle cooler made by Artigiano Oway will directly appear in your cart.

As Low as From €128.00

In stock


Sunway is the Oway routine that provides the body and hair with the nutrients and antioxidants necessary to protect them from atmospheric agents, especially during the summer period.

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Kit Sunway + bottle cooler
    Kit Sunway + bottle cooler

    In stock


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