17 December 2019

Sports in the workplace: when well-being weighs more on the work scales

So many hours of concentration, stress and problems to solve require a pit stop. But in order to keep daily anxieties and worries at bay, sometimes it is not necessary to leave the workplace. 

The problems concerning one’s professional field can be very varied and, in almost all cases, they cause our calm and clarity of mind to wobble to then impact our body, the crucial centre of stress somatization.

Lateral thinking has become a reference point. There are many techniques to solve an issue or to circumvent it: there are those who resort to assertive behaviour, those who become gurus (in spite of themselves) of conflict management and those instead who make it a matter of psychophysical harmony, focusing on a strategic - and beneficial - training of body and mind.

But are we really sure we should focus only negative thoughts, in order to find the simplest and most conclusive solution? Try to think about it: when you are serene and with a perfect inner balance, few things can touch you.

And here is the (apparently) obvious answer to the (apparently) most complicated question: the secret is how you choose to live.

But what is a healthy lifestyle in practice?

In all likelihood you will now be arguing, between yourself, that the habits which you adopt – by personal conviction or social convention - are not always applicable to both your private life and your professional routine and that, in any case, it is often easier said than done.

Objections rejected. Eating well, moving from time to time and working on one's weak points are not too ambitious activities, if anything they represent a challenge to oneself: the precious prerequisites for a daily life made up of satisfaction, stability and problem solving.

A healthy lifestyle is that approach capable of giving us back our centre of gravity, of showing us the importance of a balanced behaviour, of making us feel good even when external agents (arguments between colleagues, family dramas, company implosions and catastrophic astral alignments) try to prevent this in all possible ways. It is the cause of well-being, the effect of knowing our limits and our goals. And when it involves both body and mind, there is no possible complication.

Holistic fitness: body-mind harmony is the objective

No one can say that our times have not responded positively to the call for physical training, for gymnastics, for gyms designed to develop muscles and remove any imperfection.

As the phenomenon has taken shape, however, other needs have arisen, linked to harmony, relaxation and self-awareness. Holistic fitness was thus born, the discipline which exercises the body and looks after the mind, by working also on emotional well-being.

And we are back to the initial crux. To start with the right determination - or to finish in style - an uphill day, with many obstacles and relationship difficulties, you need to be well equipped. Not only with machines, weights and barbells, but above all with predisposition, concentration and deep breathing. Yoga and Pilates are the reference points of psychophysical activity, the concrete example of the possibility of merging two needs and really listening to ourselves.

Corporate welfare also means team harmony and spirit

In any self-respecting modern society, work takes and work gives.

Companies grow and the market is continually enriched by services and products aimed at consumer well-being, but the first driving force behind the appreciation of these endless proposals is nothing other than the satisfaction and harmony of all the various human cogs.

There are many and very different ways to make time in the company as similar as possible to the everyday life which has been created - and to remember the importance of feeling good, as well as remembering tasks and duties.

In our case, however, consistency of values requires us to experiment right here, where everything takes shape, the behaviours and actions which drive the principles of agricosmetics, of a responsible lifestyle and of the respect for ourselves and for everything that surrounds us.

Our mind and body gym could only be created within the company, to give everyone the right to relax, to let off steam, to eliminate the most harmful toxins. Studies speak of a return in terms of productivity, and it is true: those who tackle stress gain in creativity, energy and performance. But they also bring home understanding and synergy with colleagues, which is perhaps the real big victory for everyone.

When awareness, trust and security meet our (70%) female world

We were saying: pursuing psychophysical well-being means having hit the target. Under the aegis of balance, serenity, performance, happiness... but also of safety.

Here at Oway we are somewhat creatively stubborn and, as is known, stubbornness is female. We like to try, tackle, engage and discover. Everything we adhere to or promote has nothing to do with the current trend topics: we do it only if it convinces us. And then, as we have repeated many times, making it become a good habit which we get used to.

With self-defence it was a bit like this: we focused inwards and saw that we consist of 70% women and 30% of their everyday allies. So we turned to Emanuela Chiriatti’s experience and to her school of Krav Maga in Bologna to test our awareness and independence, working on our attitude and on some techniques necessary to respond effectively to those who think that gender violence is the way to affirm one's superiority. Making a blatant mistake. 

Well-being, after all, is this too. Stopping, taking a good look at yourself and seeing yourself capable of anything.


Greenwashing: the “feigned environmentalism” that we surely do not need

Proclaiming oneself as eco-friendly and certifying this on the label is the new frontier of misrepresenting zero-impact procedures. A riot of green leaves, a shower of “organic or bio", "green" and "natural" stamps that confuse, obscure and cover up reality. Here's how to recognise the deception and stem the consequences.

Superfluous packaging: the packaging avalanche pouring into the waste bin

In the aftermath of the Holidays, we know for sure that the most received gifts were parcels, external packaging, additional packaging and everything “necessary" to keep the contents intact. Overpackaging is the triumph of single use: an increasingly accentuated phenomenon which has reached senseless usage paradoxes.

Let’s not black out the future. It’s time to consume less and to do it better

Sales days like Black Friday produce a staggering waste of resources. They shape our perception of purchases, they push us to believe that we absolutely must buy, taking advantage of discounts right away, with devastating consequences on the environment. There is no time to change things: we must get back to conscious consumption – and we must do it now.

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