16 September 2022

Chasing after experience: the art of the details that matter

When desires and expectations are fulfilled through feelings, experience comes to life. When the experience goes beyond the boundaries of the usual and is enriched by attention to detail, the value of hospitality and the anticipation of needs lead to a memory taking shape. Which, we are ready to bet, will be unforgettable.

Experience: a guide to the word that has little to do with words

“Enough chit-chat”, we could say.

Yes, because we are in the presence of an irrational, visceral, almost inexplicable dimension, if we resort to current language. Even difficult to define. It is something that you live, that you experience, that you feel deep under your skin. But above all: that occurs through the senses.

Does it require participation? Yes, although not necessarily.

We could be attending a show, listening to a concert, sitting in the stands of a hard-fought match or strolling through the halls of an art gallery, suspended between contemplation and dreams. The experience is apparently passive, but it makes a difference in the intensity with which we lived it.

The most successful experiences try to stimulate reactions on multiple levels, touching the emotional, cognitive, creative and sensory spheres of the human being.

They create a memory and, in parallel... the indispensable desire to relive it

The value of attention: when the experience brings the person back to the centre

Details are often confused with banalities.

How many times have you heard the expression “Oh sure, come on, these are details...” or “Details aside...”? The truth is that the details, the little things, weigh heavily, like millstones.

They make a difference, they are the watershed between what deserves to be remembered and what can be thrown away into the pile of shoddy and superficial things.

Putting people at the centre means taking their need for fulfilment, gratification and inspiration seriously. Having the intelligence to intercept their sensitivity, taking care of their well-being as if it were our own.

One thing is an experience that is chosen, sought after, strongly desired. Quite another is an experience that is received, in which to immerse oneself almost unexpectedly, thanks to the value of personalisation, involvement and emotion.

Succeeding in the feat of surprising and receiving fondness… is the most ambitious result to be obtained.

The shopping experience and the timeless charm of the physical store

In a scenario where e-commerce is now our primary purchasing incubator – because of its immediacy and availability beyond all territorial limits - have you ever found yourself preferring the in-store experience

And at the same time have you noticed how digital native companies and brands have in time chosen to open physical stores in which to offer their products?

The mix is now a reality, so much so that even technological innovation is trying to make human contact possible even within online purchasing platforms, through digital consultations conducted by a physical, real, flesh and blood seller.

Customer experience matters. And it is all the more effective when it is able to mix, in a perfect synthesis of intentions, the potential of technology with human skills.

Apply, propose or anticipate? In the salon, where experience makes the difference

What is more relevant among technical precision, quality of service or exclusivity of the advice offered? The truth is that the mistake lies in choosing only one thing to specialise in.

A beauty salon is an identity-making place, which provides a service and, at the same time, offers an experience made up of hospitality, rituals, careful gestures and differentiating treatments, according to a personal approach and sensitivity.

Accompanying the customer along a path, made up of scents, tactile experiences, extended time and care, adds value to the experience. It makes it the reason to come back.

In Oway’s agricosmetic salons products, materials, furnishings and room fragrances transport the guest into an exclusive multisensory dimension.

And inside The Place salons, the network of the most iconic and representative beauty places of the brand, professionalism takes a further step upwards, offering the luxury of experience: the value that will never go out of style.

The Green Experience - The Place: investing in free time, to revolutionise the salon experience

What is observed and experienced is often a source of inspiration: it provides ideas, teaches new habits. And precisely those new gestures, that new ability to dwell on details, forcefully enter the workplace, becoming the calling card of our way of proposing, offering, solving.

To The Place salons – which offer different and differentiating experiences every day – Oway dedicates training, consultancy, but also a journey through the senses, consisting of aromas, flavours, colours and contact with nature.

Feelings, thoughts, actions and relationships, within a prestigious setting such as Palazzo di Varignana: the first chapter of this rediscovery of oneself and of one’s perceptions, to rewrite the coordinates of our work and professional identity.

Because testing an experience personally allows you to re-propose it, elevating it to a memory.

The images of the Green Experience dedicated to the Oway The Place salons (September 3 to 4, 2022): food and wine tastings, Ortofficina workshops, a focus on plant-based formulas, beauty treatments, SPA and self-relaxation with a focus on colours.


Upcycling: the beneficial re-use that reallocates and ennobles waste

An upgrade of recycling, the antidote to downcycling and the creative reinterpretation of the concept of vintage, this virtuous habit vanquishes waste competition and puts products, raw materials and objects back into circulation, giving them a new, unforeseen life.

Greenwashing: the “feigned environmentalism” that we surely do not need

Proclaiming oneself as eco-friendly and certifying this on the label is the new frontier of misrepresenting zero-impact procedures. A riot of green leaves, a shower of “organic or bio", "green" and "natural" stamps that confuse, obscure and cover up reality. Here's how to recognise the deception and stem the consequences.

Superfluous packaging: the packaging avalanche pouring into the waste bin

In the aftermath of the Holidays, we know for sure that the most received gifts were parcels, external packaging, additional packaging and everything “necessary" to keep the contents intact. Overpackaging is the triumph of single use: an increasingly accentuated phenomenon which has reached senseless usage paradoxes.

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