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Hair & body invigorating wash + Face & beard hydrating cleanser + Own way 10 ml


Multi-purpose cleansing and moisturising combined with the intense, fresh and aromatic eau de parfum entirely from plants, flowers and fruits grown with biodynamic methods in our Ortofficina. A perfect and intoxicating mix to turn your daily routine into an unexpected multi-sensory journey.

Gift kit consisting of:

  • 240 ml Hair & body invigorating wash: OW MEN revitalising body and hair shower gel
  • 150 ml Face & beard hydrating cleanser: cleansing mousse for face and beard
  • 10 ml Own way: eau de parfum 100% plant-derived - with box made from recycled wood material

The kit will arrive at its destination already carefully packaged in an elegant gift box made entirely of paper and fabric.


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Perfect collection
    Perfect collection

    In stock


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