21,7 x 20 x 7 cm

Terracotta container, 100% sustainable.

Designed by Oway, made locally by expert Italian potters. It has a rough, material texture and a unique and original design that easily adapts to multiple functions.


• Plant pot
• Centrepiece with dried flowers
• Change tray for keys, wallets, etc.
• Container for scented potpourri
• Candle holder with sand on the bottom
• Dried fruit holder
• Candy holder
• Stationery holder
• Jewellery case
• Business card holder
• Clip and small work tools holder

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Just a few kilometres from Bologna stands Faenza, a city that since the Middle Ages has been a centre of excellence for the production and design of terracotta and ceramics.

Here, a small family business made up of the owner and 5 artisans has been handing down the ancient art of working earth and clay for over 50 years.

Our collaboration for the creation of Prillo began in this workshop. Here, the working method respects the rhythms of nature and of people: the creation of every single object is the product of skilled hands, care and expectations.

After mixing the earth and water, the clay is cut in the necessary quantity and worked on the potter’s wheel, one of the most traditional working tools.

The next step is the hand sponging, which gives Prillo its distinctive texture of vertical lines, followed by the impression of the brand, also done manually using a punch.

Once formed, Prillo is left to dry in the open air, in a process that requires times determined by the specific atmospheric conditions. Weather permitting, the drying is completed and the container is fired in the oven. This is where the processing finally comes to an end.

Each piece looks the same, but in reality it differs from the others and carries with it the uniqueness, the knowledge, the hand of the creator.

prillo oway
promo prillo oway


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