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SUNWAY: total protection for the ecosystem

Proposing and using sunscreen products that do not release harmful substances is what has always guided the formulation of the Sunway line.

Sunway is the Oway’s Agricosmetic routine that provides the body and hair with the nutrients and antioxidants necessary to protect them from atmospheric agents, especially during the summer period. A regenerating, nourishing, and hydrating diet, with very high percentages of natural derivative ingredients.

Our proposals for conscious consumption:

The travel sizes of the Sunway line are concentrated with nourishing and hydrating plant actives, find out how to receive them.

With the purchase of full-size Sunway agricosmetics, you will receive FRESCO, the handcrafted terracotta thermal container made by Artigiano Oway to embellish your table.


Unlock glowing skin by protecting it and letting it breathe.

The new products from the Glow line deliver silky brilliance by harnessing the power of upcycling: formulated with antioxidant, protective, and purifying pear peels and seeds.

The Calm line provides immediate hydration and relief to sensitive skin. Upcycled chestnut husks deliver a treasure trove of protective ingredients.

Taking care of the soil is a lot like skincare: that’s why the biodynamic and organic ingredients in our formulas are grown at Ortofficina: to guarantee the purity of these plant extracts.



Cool in its essence, eternal in its environmental sustainability: terracotta, the material that brings its precious properties to the table.

A natural material with great virtues and many nuances: with terracotta, the rough beauty of elegant unique design pieces is shaped, but it also models our way of respecting and enhancing the environment that hosts us.

For a post-plastic world: unveiling the active principle behind all our choices

At this edition of Cosmoprof 2024, we've sown the seed of agricosmetica® everywhere the ground was fertile, shining a spotlight so that our sector too reflects on the future of the ecosystem. Immersed – yet distanced – in the world of cosmetic products, we chose to showcase what's dearest to us: our roots.

Re-use is chic: The new paradigm of conscious fashion is about endless recreation

In a world is which everything has already been created, the only permanent trend is boredom.   Fashion innovates, surprises, and breaks the rules, but most of all, for decades now, it has believed in the biggest scam of all: making beauty and desirability synonymous with originality.

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