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Furoshiki: the conscious gift that keeps on giving

Oway and Quid – a social enterprise that gives new life to the fashion industry’s discarded textiles – present a timeless, endlessly usable accessory. Designed to last, this decorative piece offers infinite possibilities for re-use.

Furoshiki is the name of the beautiful packaging that encloses Oway’s Love Days gift set. Once opened, the wrapper becomes a gift of its own, which you can re-use in simple, creative ways.

Made from natural fibres and personalised with a number of different patterns, this accessory replaces secondary packaging to protect Oway agricosmetics and become what you want most.

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Unlock glowing skin by protecting it and letting it breathe.

The new products from the Glow line deliver silky brilliance by harnessing the power of upcycling: formulated with antioxidant, protective, and purifying pear peels and seeds.

The Calm line provides immediate hydration and relief to sensitive skin. Upcycled chestnut husks deliver a treasure trove of protective ingredients.

Taking care of the soil is a lot like skincare: that’s why the biodynamic and organic ingredients in our formulas are grown at Ortofficina: to guarantee the purity of these plant extracts.




Every year, we commit to progressing along the path of eliminating plastic from our packaging in favor of glass and aluminum. We also commit to minimizing environmental impact at every level of production.

We are moving toward a world after plastic that is coherent, transparent and ethical. With glass, all these needs can be met, protecting, enhancing and showcasing the true naturalness of Agricosmetica’s formulas.


Re-use is chic: The new paradigm of conscious fashion is about endless recreation

In a world is which everything has already been created, the only permanent trend is boredom.   Fashion innovates, surprises, and breaks the rules, but most of all, for decades now, it has believed in the biggest scam of all: making beauty and desirability synonymous with originality.

Chasing after experience: the art of the details that matter

When desires and expectations are fulfilled through feelings, experience comes to life. When the experience goes beyond the boundaries of the usual and is enriched by attention to detail, the value of hospitality and the anticipation of needs lead to a memory taking shape. Which, we are ready to bet, will be unforgettable.

Upcycling: the beneficial re-use that reallocates and ennobles waste

An upgrade of recycling, the antidote to downcycling and the creative reinterpretation of the concept of vintage, this virtuous habit vanquishes waste competition and puts products, raw materials and objects back into circulation, giving them a new, unforeseen life.

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