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Winter Holidays represent one of the most unmissable occasions to give a gift to the people you care about, with an important gesture capable of going beyond a simple anniversary.

The Oway boxes contain agricosmetic formulations for the skin and the body; they arrive at their destination already packaged in a multifunctional reusable tin design box, 100% sustainable and accompanied by a customisable greeting card.

Choose the selection of agricosmetics ideal for your needs: we’ll take care of preparing the package and of the surprise effect!



The journey inside the Oway project enters a new dimension

The Oway Immersive Store is the gateway to a private session, tailor-made for you, within our digital store.

Book a personalised consultation in English and get in touch with your Oway Personal Advisor who will guide you towards discovering the most suitable Beauty Routine for you. A story of carefully described textures and sensations to accompany you towards your conscious lifestyle choice.

Experience the dimension between physical reality and digital connection, reachable from anywhere.

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Chasing after experience: the art of the details that matter

When desires and expectations are fulfilled through feelings, experience comes to life. When the experience goes beyond the boundaries of the usual and is enriched by attention to detail, the value of hospitality and the anticipation of needs lead to a memory taking shape. Which, we are ready to bet, will be unforgettable.

Upcycling: the beneficial re-use that reallocates and ennobles waste

An upgrade of recycling, the antidote to downcycling and the creative reinterpretation of the concept of vintage, this virtuous habit vanquishes waste competition and puts products, raw materials and objects back into circulation, giving them a new, unforeseen life.

Greenwashing: the “feigned environmentalism” that we surely do not need

Proclaiming oneself as eco-friendly and certifying this on the label is the new frontier of misrepresenting zero-impact procedures. A riot of green leaves, a shower of “organic or bio", "green" and "natural" stamps that confuse, obscure and cover up reality. Here's how to recognise the deception and stem the consequences.

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