Oway hair loss: Revitalizing Products for Hair Loss


Hair loss is often the outcome of a great number of factors. To efficiently act against this delicate problem a thorough diagnosis is fundamental (with the help of the trichoanalyzer and application chart) which will focalize the unique hair-loss treatment or a methodical integrated synergy will be decided with specific anti-sebum, lipid restoration and anti-dandruff normalizing phases.

The HAIR LOSS treatment acts on two fronts: increasing hair matter and reappraisal of hair, improving its anchor point between the hair and the follicle while prolonging the hair’s lifespan (Anagen Phase).

hair loss Oway

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  1. essence burner kit
    The Kit consists of:- reviving essence, an aromatherapy scented blend with... Learn More

    8 x 12 x 18 cm

  2. micro-stimulating hair bath

    Anti-hair loss scalp and hair revitalising bath.

    Learn More

    240 ml

  3. densifying remedy

    Reinforcing and densifying treatment for scalp and hair prone to falling out.


    Learn More

    100 ml

  4. vivifying remedy - sensitive scalp
    Revitalising treatment for sensitive scalp with hair prone to falling out. Alcohol free. ... Learn More

    100 ml

  5. Volcanic comb
    Comb in black obsidian that stimulates the oxygenation of the scalp and reshapes the contours of ... Learn More

    7x11 cm


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